Israel Rabinovich-Barav's Chess Page


​'One of the greatest tacticians in the country' .

'An exemplary blitz player'.

-- Saul Hon, Ptichot Be'Sachmat (chess openings), 1965. 

'Known as a superb tactician'. 

-- Shlomo Kandelshine, Ha'Lochem (Aloni's biography).

(about Barav - Vidor, 1944):

'One of the most brilliant combinations ever made in the country'

-- Ayreh L. Mohilever, in Barav's obituary, Shachmat. 

'This game is, in many's estimate (and it is hard to disagree) the most sparklingly brilliant of the combinative games played in our country. Its place in the world's chess literature is secure, and justly so'.

-- Raafi Persitz, "Masters' Chess Tournament" (Tacharut Amanim Be'Sachmat​), 2nd Ed., 1958.